Happy Birthday Audi!

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Happy Birthday Audi!

Hey Audi, when they add a nice new track to RR3 and you get back in here and... find this hopefully filled-up topic... you will say: wow, haven't missed much after all, have I? ;-)

Anyway, I hope you're enjoying your beer today somewhere away from a Real game, and it's nice to know you're not anymore dealing with fake cars, top speed events lasting either 1 hour or two days, do-it-again ops, and all that made this game so.... deplorable. :^))

To make this message even more (odd?) awesome, a shout-out must be added toward our other former and current boss men, chjxyhxwysiwyg and almostwise! You guys did and do this game (and forum :^) be ever so... tolerable! Ha! (and weren't enough to keep Audi around. Hahaha)

We all (kinda, almost) miss you Audi!

Happy Birthday boss!

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