My RR3 4 yr Anniversary

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My RR3 4 yr Anniversary

On March 17, 2015 I overtook 15 opponents and earned my first achievement. Four years, 17,800 races and 99,000 miles later, I'm still playing. Some observations.

As this forum notes constantly, the monkey's primary goal is maximizing revenue. When you first start out they make it easy to progress without spending real money. But at a certain point you realize that (1) upgrades can no longer be paid for with R$ and (2) getting a car to the PR required for the last event in a series is going to be expensive. Add to that the increasing G cost of the cars and limited opportunities to use your growing supply of R$ and you have described EA's business model.

So what did I do when I “hit the wall”? I knew from this forum that the most common strategy was running the Le Mans “10 lapper's”. This didn't work for me. I didn't have the patience to run them. On “fame bonus” days I usually run the last event of the “Classic Ferrari Showdown” series, which is only 4 laps around Le Mans.

Instead I maintain my interest by re-running completed events with the goal of improving my times. Early on, I decided to keep a record of my progress. (I've posted my template) This turned out to be very useful in deciding how to spend my limited G. Helps me focus on upgrades that get me to 75%. My other record keeping project used the forum database to create tables of cup & time trial events by circuit. Using the info from my screen shots, I created a set of circuit tables that compare my best time for each car. (I only track cars with PR's over 55.) The tables highlight the cars and races that I should re-run.

I can't close without mentioning my favorite monkey tag line:

“Real Racing 3 carefully chooses the opponents you race against to keep the competition exciting.”

This has NOT been my experience! Races where the 2nd place car finished within 1 second of me are rare. A more honest tag line would end “ make sure you win most of the time”.


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