V8.8 New Series: Master - Unstoppable Supercars Of America *UPDATED*

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V8.8 New Series: Master - Unstoppable Supercars Of America *UPDATED*
(Unlocks from : 20 Trophies in Open Sky Challenge)

Created for the new Ford Shelby GT500 (2020) the series also features the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, and Ford Shelby GT350R.

Maximum Required PR 63.1    (only achievable with the Shelby...max PR on others only 51.4/53.1/58.9 respectively)
Rewards: 57 Gold, R$57,000    (GC split 7-11-15-24 at 25-50-75-100%)
There are 54 events -  50 Trophy + 4 TT - with each car having a 2-event Showcase plus TT...
- any single car with a PR of 48 or more will get to 50%
- combined, the Hellcat and ZR1 both fully upgraded will not reach 75% - need the showcase+TT of a third car
- alternatively the GT350R on its own, fully upgraded, will reach 75%
- all 3 existing cars combined, fully upgraded, get this far:

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