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Future of MRR

Point is that MRR lost lots of regular contributors since its beginning. Reason is unknown, from what I hear in many other forums, in MRR there's more and more voices only critical to FM (who just rip them off, do a lot of mistakes, don't sort out cheaters soon enough etc. etc.). So many of old MRR contributors just left without comment, and switched to other more informative sites.

Traffic is poor on MRR, and it looks more and more like MRR is the place to complain and whine, without proposing CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

I still stick to this forum, because I very much respect and admire Veyron for his work on the best interface of all RR3 content (including Discard and Wiki and many FB fan sites and whoever else).

But, I must say with mourning (about MRR), Pablo's FB Trackside and Wiki and some YT-channels are much more attractive for news and infos than MRR who are (more or less) just linking some of the stuff.

The former big and great MRR community is losing attraction big way, I'm sorry to say.

This is an endless story, I've commented through the years again and again, but I won't again.

Too bad.

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